The identification of local priorities for child care and early learning services is primarily implemented every five years through a community-wide needs assessment, followed by a county-wide strategic plan for child care advocacy and planning services. The results are published in the Commission’s Master Plan, which guides the recommendations to policymakers for the promotion of quality child care and development services in the County. The following are links to our last two Master Plans:


In order for Marin County to be considered for expansion funding for General Child Care and State Preschool Program, the Marin County Child Care Commission must identify the most underserved areas in our county by zip code. The priority zip codes are determined on the basis of a demand and supply analysis performed with California Department of Education (CDE), California Department of Social Services (CDSS), Early Head Start and Head Start (EHS/HS), American Institutes for Research (AIR) and census data. The following is our last priorities outline: