This update contains the following items:

– State Legislation Update

– 2019-20 Budget Updates

– Assembly Blue Ribbon Commission on Early Childhood Education Update

State Legislation Update

Attached is the matrix of legislation bills of likely interest to the field of early care and education introduced to date updated as of today – May 21, 2019.

2019-20 Budget Updates

May Revise – Governor’s Revised Budget Plan for FY 2019-20

§ On May 9th, Governor Newsom released his revised 2019-20 state budget proposal (“May Revise) on Thursday, May 9, 2019. Links to the entire budget summary and budget summary chapters including the chapter specific to early childhood are available at

§ Attached are Department of Finance documents with the May Revise budget detail for early care and education services.

§ The Legislative Analyst’s Office has prepared “Analysis of the May Revision Education Proposals”, which includes their analysis early education items and is available at

§ Attached is the preliminary budget summary focused on early care and education and other early childhood items of interest prepared on behalf of the Los Angeles County Child Care Planning Committee and Policy Roundtable for Child Care and development

Budget Trailer Bill Language

The Department of Finance has posted Trailer Bill Language on its website at Trailer Bills of likely interest to our field are as follows:


§ Education Omnibus Trailer Bill – includes proposed amendment to state preschool wraparound eligibility

§ Child Savings Accounts

§ Cradle-to-Career Data Insights

§ Early Learning and Care Master Plan and Infrastructure and Workforce Development

§ State Preschool Wraparound Eligibility, Emergency Childcare Diversion Voucher Pilot Program

§ Child Care and Early Learning Strategic Plan, Child Care Infrastructure Grants, and Child Care Workforce Development Grants

Health and Human Services

§ CalWORKs Stage 1 Child Care 12-Month Eligibility

§ Elimination of fingerprint licensing fee exemption

§ Emergency Child Care Bridge Program for Foster Children – Reimbursement for Live Scan and application fee for prospective license exempt providers

Upcoming Budget Hearings

The Senate and Assembly Budget Subcommittees have met to discuss and vote on the budget proposals. Their recommendations will be forwarded to the Joint Conference Committee, which is charged with resolving the differences between the two houses. More information on the membership of the committee and the agenda is forthcoming and will be forwarded as it becomes available.

Budget hearings are usually accessible for viewing from


ECE Coalition Letter

Attached is the ECE Coalition letter to Senator Holly Mitchell and Assembly Member Phil Ting, Chairs of their respective budget committees. The letter acknowledges the Governor’s proposals to boldly invest in California’s young children and their families while also urging additional investments to address the unmet need for early care and education services targeted to infants and toddlers and the complicated, under-resourced reimbursement system.

Assembly Blue Ribbon Commission on Early Childhood Education

The Assembly Blue Ribbon Commission has released its recommendations to improve California’s early education system. The final recommendations are available at

Please feel free to contact Michele Sartell if you have any questions or comments regarding the attached documents and/or would like to bring a bill not listed to her attention:


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Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Division

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