These are some of the ECE-related bills currently being considered by our legislators in Sacramento:

AB 1001 (Ting) Childcare: strategic planning councils – Proposes amending existing law pertaining to the local child care and development planning councils by: 1) specifying the composition of the LPCs; 2) requiring LPCs to encourage public input on the development of local priorities and foster partnerships to address local child care needs; 3) identifying facilities for the provision of child care services; and more.

AB 324 (Aguiar-Curry) Childcare services: state subsidized childcare: employee retention funds

Would amend existing law that allocates funds to the local child care and development councils (LPCs) to address the retention of qualified early educators working with children in state subsidized centers. This bill proposes that these funds be also used for licensed child care programs that serve a majority of children who receive subsidized child care services, including, but not limited to, family daycare homes.

AB 123 (McCarty, Berman, Bonta, Burke, Carrillo, Chiu, Friedman, Gonzalez, Limón, Reyes, Santiago, Ting, & Wicks) Early childhood education: state preschool program: transitional kindergarten: access: standards – Provides the Legislative intent to enact legislation relating to early childhood education, including expanding the state preschool program and enabling local educational agencies (LEAs) to blend the program with transitional kindergarten.

AB 194 (Reyes) Childcare and development services – Would provide that $1 billion, upon appropriation by the legislature, be made available to immediately improve access to alternative payment programs and general childcare and development programs that subsidize services for low-income families.

SB 234 (Skinner) Family daycare homes Equalizes and updates state law to encourage and support family child care providers. It equalizes the local permitting process for family child care homes that care for up to 14 children, closing loopholes that have led to an uneven application by cities and burdensome  local regulations. It clarifies that family child care can operate in all types of residential settings close to  where families live, in all communities. It updates housing protections for family child care providers so families have the loving, home-like environment they want for their children.

SB 321 (Mitchell) CalWORKs: supportive services: childcare. – Streamlines Stage 1 eligibility rules so that families have more options to improve their future.

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