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The Center for Law and Social Policy – Ruth Cosse, Stephanie Schmit, and Rebecca Ullrich
Building Strong Foundations: Racial Inequity in Policies that Impact Infants, Toddlers, and Families
This report from CLASP explores racial disparities, including the policies that drive them, among infants and toddlers and their families. It also highlights key examples in recent history and their continued consequences for young children of color and their families.

Legislative Analyst’s Office
Cal Facts 2018Cal Facts is a visual guide that uses a variety of different charts—to the state’s economy, revenues, and major program trends.

EveryChild California New Live Seminar!
Navigating the Interface of CA Title 5, 22 and Federal Head Start Regulations – This new interactive training will offer an overview of the core components of Title 5, 22 and Head Start. You will learn how to identify when one regulation supersedes the other, gain practical tools and resources to ensure compliance and so much more! Click here to read more and register!

California Budget & Policy Center – Amy Rose
California’s Undocumented Students Face Roadblocks on the Path to Higher Education – In this report, the Budget & Policy Center outlines the challenges undocumented students face while trying to attain higher education while dealing with their complicated legal status.

NBC Los Angeles
LA County Properties Could Become Child Care Centers – In this article read about how Los Angeles County properties could be converted to child care and preschool facilities under action taken by the Board of Supervisors.

Center for American Progress – Simon Workman and Steven Jessen-Howard
Understanding the True Cost of Child Care for Infants and ToddlersThis report is a state-by-state analysis of the true cost of infant and toddler child care finds it is unaffordable for most working families.

EdSource – Zaidee Stavely
What California can learn from universal preschool in other states
This article presents some of the lessons California could learn from efforts in other states that offer high-quality preschool to a large number of 4-year-olds:

EveryChild California Leadership Academy

EveryChild California invites new and experienced Administrators of State Subsidized programs, to participate in a Two-Day Leadership Academy designed to offer a comprehensive overview of the core administrative essentials to managing a Title 5 contract. Gain critical skills you need to manage your contract effectively. Learn how to understand your funding terms and conditions, fiscal oversite and programmatic responsibilities. The two-day academy will offer new administrators a guide to successfully implementing a high-quality subsidized program!

Includes a free flash drive loaded with helpful Title 5 and Title 22 required forms, sample job descriptions, sample parent and employee handbook, programmatic checklist, sample monitoring tools and much more!

Locations and Dates

January 29-30, 2019 – Costa Mesa
February 26-27, 2019 – San Ramon
March 26-27, 2019 – Fresno
May 22-23, 2019 – Folsom


ECE Forum: Community Care Licensing and CDE Regulations

Updates from the Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division
Join Community Care Licensing representatives for a conversation about new state laws and regulations. Presenters include: Cynthia Brannon, Licensing Program Analyst and Rebecca Varela, Regional Manager – Fresno.

Eligibility and Need Panel
Hear from key experts from the field, who will come together to provide answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions still surrounding 12-Month Eligibility one year after its implementation through a panel discussion and Q&A. Presenters include: Cheri Doria, Lindsay Unified School District, Kristie Tate, Monarch Link and Eric Sonnenfeld, Merced County Office of Education.

Location and Date

January 25, 2019 – Lemoore

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