DRDPOnline, a secure cloud application, is replacing DRDPtech as the user interface for the DRDP data system in fiscal year 2018-19. This was done in order to increase the ability for teachers to access and use the DRDP data to inform curriculum and planning. In addition, DRDPOnline has enhanced features including the ability to have multiple teachers assigned to a classroom, teachers and site administrators may be assigned to multiple sites, as well as enhanced reporting capabilities. Unfortunately, in the transition to launching the DRDPOnline, multiple issues occurred. WestEd and UC Berkeley have resolved many issues and continue to work to solve the others. DRDPOnline staff are continuously evaluating and updating the system to improve functionality and ease of use. It is expected to be fully operational, including reports, by February 2019.

While the system was available for data entry in September, there have been some functionality issues. Most of them have been addressed, including the majority of import template issues for the 11 views. The additional issues with import templates will be resolved in December 2018. WestEd is working closely with vendors to ensure this feature works properly and efficiently.

While data entry features are fully functional, reports are not yet available. By December 1, all data should be through the UC Berkeley scoring engine and available through a link from DRDPOnline to DRDPtech reports. This function will continue until the full transfer of reports to DRDPOnline are made in February.

Currently, we are working on the reports to solve the issue of multiple teachers assigned to classes and teachers and site administrators assigned to multiple locations. DRDPOnline was designed to allow for multiple teachers to be assigned to one class, this is causing an issue when sending data to the scoring engine. We are working to resolve this issue with the scoring engine. Meanwhile in the interim, DRDPtech reports will provide reports to one teacher in the classroom.

The CDE/ELCD Field Service Office understands that providers and agencies have concerns regarding compliance issues and the usage of DRDPOnline and its reports. Please be reassured that our Field Service Office consultants will work with all of their assigned agencies, as long as a good-faith effort has been shown.

DRDPOnline will continue to be provided free of charge to: (1) ELCD-funded programs, (2) California Head Start programs, (3) California School Districts and County Offices of Education,(4) California Tribal Child Care and Development Fund Child Care, and (5) agencies participating in Quality Counts California.

We know that the rollout of DRDPOnline has encountered challenges and appreciate your patience. WestEd and UC Berkeley have diligently worked to address all issues and provide assistance as needed. WestEd will continue to send and post updates on the system and availability of reports.

Should you have any questions, WestEd is available to assist you at 1-800-770-6339. Webinars and tutorials are available at https://www.desiredresults.us/.


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