An initiative for a countywide quarter-cent sales tax to fund expanded preschool, child care and health services for low-income children in Marin appears headed for the November ballot.

Advocates for the tax, dubbed Marin Strong Start, made their case to the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday. The board, which must authorize placement of the measure on the ballot, signaled its support, although an official vote on the request is expected to come next month.

“You’re really ready to go; no question about it,” Supervisor Kate Sears said.

About six years ago, a number of groups — Marin Child Care Council, First 5 Marin, MarinKids, Community Action Marin, Marin Child Care Commission, Parent Voices and Youth Leadership Institute — decided to work together to seek a dedicated local funding stream for children’s services. It is estimated the quarter-cent sales tax would generate $12 million annually. The tax would be collected for nine years, raising $108 million.

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